A Must See In Melbourne

An old man who is also my friend who lives at http://www.azintegrityplace.com/ was telling me about Australia. He said that Melbourne is a city in the state of Victoria Australia. If you are lucky enough to be in this fantastic city, then some of the following sites should be on your list,

Eureka Sky deck

In this tower, you can see the city from different points.

It is essential to check the weather forecast before you plan to visit the tower.  A rainy day would hinder you from fully seeing the beauty of Melbourne. This stunning unobstructed view is a bit pricey but it’s worth every coin.

St Paul’s Cathedral

You may be or not be religious, but this structure is one to check out during your tour. The Cathedral welcomes everyone from all walks of life. There is no entrance fee that means that there is no real excuse for not visiting it.

You are allowed to take photos of the enormous cathedral, and you can even go ahead and sit as you feel the calmness that it brings.

The impeccably crafted wooden pews and stained window creates the feeling that angels are singing especially when the light filters through the structure.

Werribee open range zoo

This zoo has the feel of being on an African safari. It homes a variety of animals.

The zoo offers free entry to kids on holidays, so this is another excellent place to visit with your children, and it will save you money. Lions, cheetahs and monkeys roam around in their various enclosures.

The city tram

This charming bus that operates in the center of the city center will offer quite a ride.

You get to see the Federation Square, Melbourne Aquarium, and Old Melbourne Gaol.

The best thing about the city tram is that it is free of charge for those who are touring yet don’t have any means to get around. Maps and pamphlets are always provided for you there; this helps you to have more information about the city. There is a guide who tells you about the various buildings and their history on board of every city tram.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

When in Melbourne make a point of visiting this magnificent garden. You will enjoy some shade from the hot sun, take in the green surrounding and appreciate the natural beauty of the garden.

This garden has over 50000 plants and boasts as being one of the best in the world. It can take you days to explore the whole garden. You have the option of either walking, jogging or just sitting and taking it all in.

Shrine of Remembrance

It is the place where the soldiers who died at war fighting for freedom are remembered, and it usually holds over 120 commemoratives services in a year. Apart from the history it offers, you can also have a beautiful view of the city as well.

Melbourne has this, and much more to see, so make a point of seeing them today.

Tips for going on a jungle safari

Going on a jungle safari is a completely different holiday that not many people will be able to experience. This is mostly because they are afraid of this type of holiday. However, if you have all the tips for a jungle safari, then you will not have any problems enjoying your holiday. These are some of the most important tips for going on a jungle safari.

It isn’t going to be a luxurious holiday

If you are looking for a luxurious holiday, then you need to know that a jungle safari isn’t for you. This is a holiday where you are going to live in a small cabin and enjoy nature. And, go on jungle safaris all the time.

You won’t be able to stay in a luxurious hotel, with amenities and room service. And, for sure you won’t have a huge variety of things that you can do and experience in the area. A holiday like this one is all about nature and going on safaris.

The temperatures are going to be extreme

You need to like extreme weather conditions in order to enjoy this holiday. If the weather doesn’t bother you, this will be an adventure that you will never forget.

This is something that you can do with your whole family, but you should just be prepared for the hot weather. Making sure that you have sunblock and other sun protection at hand. Especially, if you have small children.

It is essential to follow the safari rules

It can be dangerous to go on a jungle safari. And, this is why you should make sure that you know what the rules and regulations are. You need to make sure that you know exactly what is expected from you.

You need to realize that you are dealing with real, wild animals. You can get into danger if you don’t worry about following the safari rules and regulations. These rules are there for you and your family’s protection.

Making your bookings as early as possible

You will be surprised to know how many people are interested in such a holiday. Jungle safaris are really popular and you need to make sure that you are making your bookings as early as possible. You want to know for sure that you are going to get the holiday of your dreams, and making your bookings are going to ensure that you won’t be disappointed.

Jungle safaris is an experience of a lifetime. However, there are a couple of things that you should know before you can go on one. This is to make sure that you are someone that will like this type of adventure. And, that you will be able to handle the extreme weather conditions. With these tips, you will have a great idea about a jungle safari and if this is something that you would like to do someday.